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Choosing the Perfect Flowers for Your School Fundraiser

Choosing The Perfect Flowers For Your School Fundraiser

Why Flower Fundraisers Are Perfect for School Fundraising

It happens every year. Students get sent home from school with a catalog of things they don’t need or want, with the promise of a pizza party or some other prize hanging in the air for a successful fundraising season. Disgruntled parents with already busy schedules are enlisted to walk their kids around the neighborhood and push products on their coworkers (that they also don’t need or want).

At JOCO Growers, we understand the challenges of traditional fundraising and believe there’s a better way to raise money for your school or organization. Ditch the corny fundraising ideas and make life easier by choosing to sell flowers for your next fundraiser. We offer the perfect solution to your fundraising needs while selling a product many people already want — flowers!

Our approach is different. Instead of burdening families with unwanted items, we bring nature’s beauty directly to your doorstep. Imagine vibrant floral bouquets and blooms adorning your home, lifting spirits and creating a positive atmosphere. (Who doesn’t love flowers?!) Our flower fundraising program helps you reach your financial goals, spreads joy, and enhances your community’s aesthetic appeal while supporting a local business!

How our Fundraisers Differ From The Rest

By choosing JOCO Growers for your school fundraiser, you’re partnering with a company that values the success of your school’s fundraiser as much as you do. We believe in the power of community, and our mission is to help local schools thrive through successful and enjoyable fundraising initiatives. We’re excited to be your go-to trusted partner, helping you grow beautiful flowers and receive the financial support your school deserves. Together, we can blossom!

The best part? Our flower fundraiser offers a product many people buy seasonally anyway. We make it easy to order and easy to help your school meet and exceed its goals. JOCO Growers helps you plan your fundraiser from start to finish. We’re experts at crafting fantastic fundraisers for local schools.

A Cost-Effective Option For Schools

A Cost-Effective Option For Schools

Our flower baskets are not only stunning but also incredibly affordable. At JOCO Growers, we operate with low overhead costs, and we take pride in passing those savings directly onto you. This commitment enables us to offer prices that are highly accessible for both the school and your supporters.

By minimizing our overhead, we prioritize making our flower fundraisers a financially feasible option for schools of all sizes while passing the money saved on to you. We understand the importance of each sale, and our cost-effective approach ensures that a significant percentage of the proceeds go towards supporting your school’s initiatives.

At JOCO Growers, we believe in transparency and fairness. Our pricing is designed to be competitive while maintaining the highest standards of quality. When your supporters purchase our flower baskets, they not only receive a beautiful product but also contribute to your school’s success without breaking the bank.

We Grow Our Flowers Locally!

We are proud to say that our flowers are grown locally. 100% of our vibrant greenhouse is dedicated to growing plants for fundraisers — it’s all we do! We ensure the highest quality flowers for your school fundraising needs.

By growing our flowers locally, we support the community and reduce our environmental footprint. It also means that the flowers your school offers during the fundraiser are fresh and have a direct connection to the region, fostering a sense of pride and community spirit.

Our greenhouse is a testament to our dedication to providing your school with top-tier products. We carefully tend to each plant, ensuring they thrive in the optimal conditions. We also provide information on our website to help you keep your flowers in the best condition possible for as long as possible.

Plant Power: Empowering Students

Plant Power: Empowering Students

Fundraising goes beyond the financial boost it provides for your local school or organization. While the primary goal is raising money, engaging in activities like selling flowers offers additional benefits far beyond monetary gain. One significant advantage is the opportunity for kids to gain confidence.

At JOCO Growers, we recognize the transformative power of fundraising activities. Selling flowers can be an opportunity for personal development, allowing kids to build essential life skills such as communication, teamwork, and resilience. As they actively participate in promoting and selling our beautiful blooms, students naturally develop the confidence to articulate their thoughts, engage with potential supporters, and socialize with others.

Moreover, the responsibility of managing and promoting a flower fundraiser provides kids with a real-world experience that goes beyond the classroom. They learn valuable lessons in organization, time management, and marketing (while learning a little bit about flowers and gardening along the way)! Helping kids develop skills that contribute to their personal growth and prepare them for a successful future.

Plan A Flower Fundraiser During Peak Seasons

We highly recommend strategically planning your fundraiser during the spring and/or fall seasons. These periods offer the perfect opportunity for fundraising flowers, aligning seamlessly with when most people are naturally inclined to purchase and refresh their gardens.

Spring and fall are seasons synonymous with growth and renewal. In the spring, people are eager to revamp their outdoor spaces after the chilly winter months, welcoming the arrival of vibrant flowers to add color and life to their gardens. Similarly, in the fall, there’s a desire to prepare gardens for the coming winter, making it an ideal time for supporters to invest in plants that bring beauty and resilience to their outdoor spaces.

By timing a fundraiser with these natural rhythms, you tap into the existing market. Many supporters look forward to the return of our fundraisers year after year, season after season. And because there are two growing seasons, there are multiple fundraising opportunities, too! Supporters are more likely to embrace the opportunity to enhance their surroundings with our high-quality flowers, knowing the time to order aligns with the seasons’ trends and needs. It’s not just about fundraising; it’s about offering supporters a chance to enhance their lives with the perfect blooms at the perfect time.

Spring Baskets: Blooms of Hope

Spring Baskets: Blooms of Hope

We take pride in offering a beautiful selection of flowers for your customers to choose from at JOCO Growers. Our approach is all about keeping it easy and impactful. We’ve curated a small but highly impactful selection of flowers that are easy to choose from and perennially popular sellers, all offered at a very fair price.

Quality over quantity is our guiding principle when it comes to our flower selection. Each flower in our catalog is carefully chosen for its visual appeal, resilience, and popularity among a wide range of customers, ensuring that your supporters have a streamlined and enjoyable shopping experience, with every option being a fantastic choice.

Our dedication to providing these high-quality flowers at a very fair price means that your supporters get value for their money and feel good about contributing to your cause. Fundraising should be a positive experience for everyone involved, and offering an excellent selection at a reasonable price is a key part of that philosophy.

Fall Mums for School Spirit

Our Fall Mums program is very popular and super fun! Our fall mom bouquets are lush and very bountiful in stunning fall colors. They are some of our most affordable blooms and incredibly easy to sell. Selecting which pot of mums is very easy for customers with our curated assortment. We also offer our fun seasonally themed mum buddies in special character pots right on theme for Halloween and Thanksgiving! These charming buckets always bring customers a lot of cheer and are something they look forward to time and time again. The hardest part is choosing which character you want to sit on your doorstep!

Tips For Success

When you succeed, your school succeeds, and we all succeed! Here are some fun and helpful tips to set you up for success for your next fundraiser;

Plan Early: Start the planning process well in advance. Early planning allows for better organization, increased participation, and ample time to promote your flower fundraiser effectively.
Engage Your Community: Develop a sense of community involvement by reaching out to local businesses, community centers, and social media groups. The more people involved, the greater the impact!
Personalize Your Approach: Keep a list of the people who supported your fundraiser in the spring and reach back out when it’s time for your fall fundraiser. People who have supported you before and enjoyed our flowers will likely be happy to support you again!
Utilize Social Media: Use the power of social media to spread the word. Create engaging posts, share pictures of your order, and encourage supporters to share their purchases online.

Set Achievable Goals: Break down your fundraising goals into smaller, achievable targets. Celebrate milestones along the way to keep motivation high.

Testimonials: Triumphs From Our Local Schools

Testimonials: Triumphs From Our Local Schools

We love this testimonial from one of our customers;

“We worked with JOCO Growers for a high school band fundraiser. It was a wonderful experience! Communication with Zack was on point from day one. He explained step-by-step how the process worked in the introductory phone call. The fundraising website was super easy to use. As chairperson, I could see everyone’s sales and profit info in real-time. Delivery day was well organized, well communicated, and ran smoothly. Our group does fundraising year-round. I wish all of them were this easy. Every customer is happy with their beautiful flowers!”

— Stephanie Henderson

We Help You Organize From Start To Finish

We truly do everything we can to help make organizing your fundraiser a breeze. We help with everything from setting up your POS and credit card processing to providing promotion materials, accounting, and speedy, reliable delivery. Fundraising has never been easier — we promise!

Plan Your Next Fundraiser With Us!

If you’re looking to organize your next fundraiser, we would love to help! Contact us, and let’s grow together!