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Flower Fundraiser Toledo Ohio

Looking for fresh fundraising ideas for your school? JOCO Growers works with schools and other organizations in Toledo, Ohio to support flower fundraisers that your community will love. Our beautiful spring flowers and fall mums come straight from our greenhouse, offering healthier and higher quality products than big box stores and other companies. It’s the perfect opportunity to raise money for your school or community organization. Contact us to learn more about who we work with and our sales event options.

Raising Flowers and Funds

Supporting schools is at the heart of everything we do. Our growing space is dedicated entirely to fundraisers, and it’s where we grow premium plants that people actually want to buy. Through our passion for horticulture, expertise on raising money, high-quality products and unmatched customer service, we help you have the most successful school fundraisers possible.

JOCO Growers’ flower fundraiser options present fun alternatives to run-of-the-mill fundraising products that lead to low sales. We provide a better solution that gives Toledo schools and organizations the opportunity for greater return on investment, a smoother process for everyone involved, and festive products that help drive sales.


Speak with a Fundraising Expert

We have a passion for helping great organizations boost fundraiser sales. Please let us know if we can answer any questions about our operation, flower catalogs, or this season’s spring flowers and fall mum sale options. We look forward to chatting with you!
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Spring and Fall Garden Fundraisers

Enjoy two sales opportunities throughout the year: one in the fall, and one in the spring. This gives your sons, daughters, students, or group members twice the opportunities to raise money for their organization.

Harvest Mum Buddies
Our fall program, Harvest Mum Buddies, provides the perfect opportunity for your community to embrace the vibrant colors of the season. We offer a variety of beautiful mums paired with adorable tin pots for a fun addition to any autumn décor. People want to buy floral decorations for fall – give them a better option than big box stores with high-quality mums straight from the greenhouse.

You can hold your Harvest Mum Buddies sale for a two-week period any time from early August to late September. Mums are delivered between mid-September and mid-October.

BLOOM Spring Flowers
Our spring event, BLOOM Spring Flowers, allows you to raise funds by selling colorful planters and hanging baskets. We create our spring season products using in-depth market research to ensure the community has stunning, on-trend products to choose from. Help people skip the big box stores by offering premium products delivered right from our greenhouse.

You can hold your BLOOM spring sale for a two-week period at any time from mid-February to mid- April. Plants are delivered between late April and mid-May.

Create Opportunities with Our Ohio Fundraising Program

At JOCO Growers, we’re on a mission to give students, teachers, and parents hope by dedicating our entire business to your flower sale success. We partner with a variety of organizations to help them meet their financial goals so they can provide new and exciting opportunities to your sons, daughters, students, and group members. JOCO works with schools, including entire schools, high school or middle school bands, choirs, clubs, sports teams, class trips, and PTAs/PTOs. Organizations like boy scouts, girl scouts, churches, businesses, and non-profits can also partner with us. Contact us to learn more and see if your organization and JOCO Growers are a good fit.

To provide the best experience for everyone involved, we focus on four core areas: quality, integrity, efficiency, and service. Our fresh garden plants are of the highest quality so people in your community are excited to buy them. Integrity is involved from everything we do, from the products we offer, to our pricing, to our customer service and beyond. We strive to make our process as smooth and efficient as possible to increase your sales. And, of course, we offer kind and helpful service, so you enjoy a positive customer experience.

From the first order through the last delivery, we’re committed to your organization’s success. Let JOCO Growers take the guesswork out of things so you can plan your most lucrative sales event yet.

Top Quality

Top Quality

“From greenhouse to your house” – that’s the saying around here. Instead of buying products from big box stores, we grow our own plants so we can offer healthier, bigger, longer-lasting products that come directly from the JOCO Growers greenhouse. This high quality encourages a successful sale that grows over the years.
Simplified Process

Simplified Process

Raising money doesn’t have to be stressful. At JOCO Growers, our simple process makes the experience fun and easy. We offer our support every step of the way so you’re never on your own. Plus, we’ve helped with thousands of fall and spring sales, so you can count on our expertise to encourage your sale’s success. From getting your sale and credit card processing set up to providing promotional materials, handling accounting, and delivering the garden products, our team and our effective strategies ensure you experience a smooth and profitable sale.
Goal Oriented

Goal Oriented

You’ve got financial goals, and we’re here to help you reach them. JOCO Growers works with a variety of schools, clubs, and organizations to help them raise money so they can provide valuable opportunities to their students and members. Is your group interested in partnering with us? Contact us to learn more.
Guaranteed Results

Guaranteed Results

We guarantee top-notch customer service, detailed organization, and customer satisfaction with all of our products. When you partner with us, you’ll not only get to sell beautiful, high-quality products, you’ll also get access to state-of-the-art online selling as well as current marketing materials at no extra cost to you.


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