Plant Sale Fundraiser Ideas

Looking for Plant Sale Fundraising Ideas?

Hosting a fundraiser is a great way to bring your community together to support your local academic programming, teachers, and give students more opportunities to get involved. Plant fundraisers are an effective yet simple way to support your local schools! In this guide we’ll talk about some great benefits on hosting plant sales and some ideas to help you begin planning your plant sale and kick off your fundraiser!

There are some great benefits with hosting a plant sale, including the simplicity of product, general high demand of plants throughout the entire year, the low price point in organizing a plant sale, and the community involvement a plant sale fundraiser can foster! Continue reading this guide on fundraising for local schools and how simple planning your upcoming plant sale can be!

As fundraisers are an integral part of raising money to support academics and extracurricular activities we encourage parents, students, teachers, PTO/PTA members, and fundraisers to read about how the sale of plants is an effective and mostly straightforward fundraising idea.

Fundraisers: Hosting Plant Sales

Hosting a plant sale is a unique and exciting way to sell fun products in order to raise money for local academics and extracurriculars! We have witnessed first hand how a plant sale can bring exciting success in fundraising which is why we have dedicated our entire growing space to fundraising. We believe this unique approach to fundraising creates a simplified process that makes running a fundraiser easier and creates a larger impact with the time and resources spent on organizing and running a local fundraising campaign. As we have dedicated our entire company to providing high quality plants and flower arrangements for fundraising we know how important it is to offer a product that parents and family friends want to purchase as opposed to something they simply purchase out of obligation. A plant sale benefits all sides of the fundraiser and provides a great experience for those running the fundraiser and those supporting it financially.
Popularity of Plants

Popularity of Plants

The popularity of nursery plants has grown significantly over the last several years and the demand for plants continues to be high! People purchase a wide variety of plants for their home garden, but also throughout the entire year as indoor decoration. Plants make an excellent gift idea and are a simple yet thoughtful gift. Because the demand has been so high for house plants and many people enjoy growing their plant collections they tend to sell very well under special circumstances like a fundraiser. Choosing a product that is easily marketed is a great way to avoid a surplus of your fundraising inventory and potentially can yield more sales than more traditional fundraising ideas.

Fundraising Simplified

Sometimes fundraising feels like an uphill battle trying to make each sale happen in order to reach a particular goal and it can turn into a negative experience for those selling the products as well as those buying it. Because plants are something people often get excited about purchasing there is less stress on the organizer. Plants can have a low overhead cost compared to other fundraiser products which can increase the overall amount raised that will benefit the school! Since the entire goal of a fundraiser is to provide financial assistance to the academic programming at a school it’s very beneficial to make sure to generate as much in proceeds as possible during a fundraiser. There are a wide variety of household plant options that can draw in different types of people! You can sell plants that are known for their durability, or ones great for those who tend to forget to care for their plants regularly. You can sell different plants that are trendy and will catch the eyes of those looking to have a fresh, modern feel in their home. Because many plants can thrive and grow 100% indoors there is nothing holding you back from hosting a plant fundraiser at any point throughout the year making scheduling much easier!
Fundraising Simplified

Creating A Successful Fundraiser

With all fundraisers there is a level of risk, so we work with local fundraiser organizers to try and reduce that risk as much as possible in order to increase the chances of success! Choosing the correct products to sell is vital as it can determine the level of interest people have in your fundraiser. Choosing plants that are more popular and widely liked can drive sales and increase the overall funds raised for the school. When looking for a supplier for your fundraiser it’s always a bonus to work with a company like JOCO Growers who specialize in school fundraisers and already have programming to help organizers get a jumpstart on their fundraising campaign.

Selling Nursery Plants

While household plants are a great product that sell well there are still some crucial steps in planning a fundraiser that can ensure your products sell well. By creating a plan to market and spread the word of your fundraise you can draw in attention and generate more customers. Utilizing all of your resources you can reach people in person with posters, flyers, and talking at school events, and teach them through other channels like via email lists and social media. As a fundraising organizer it can be difficult to take on every task yourself so to ensure more success in your plant sale reach out for help. Teachers, parents, and other community members are often very willing to assist in fundraisers in many different ways, whether it be word-of-mouth marketing or simply helping with inventory!