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Unique Fundraiser Ideas

Unique Fundraiser Ideas
There are many ways to raise money for school fundraising, but many of the traditional options provide low-quality products that aren’t often very highly desired by customers and community participants. It can be difficult to sell fundraising items that reoccur again and again every year without adding new ideas or an exciting event into the rotation. We started JOCO Growers because we knew that people often purchase perennial flowers at certain times throughout the year, especially in Spring, which can be highly beneficial as a fundraiser for a school. Some of the simple benefits of selling these high quality Spring flowers include the high general interest and demand, simplicity of sale, the low cost of operations, potential for seasonal sales, and the potential for a school’s community involvement. We truly believe that flowers are one of the best Spring products and make an excellent fundraising idea. We work with school’s organizers (parents, teachers, etc.) to provide helpful tips on organizing fundraisers, hosting a fundraiser event, building community engagement, and how to sell more products to more customers. No matter if your children are students of a school or if you are school staff, PTO/PTA, if you’re looking to organize some spring fundraisers flowers are an excellent fundraising idea. Read on to learn more about the benefits of using Spring flowers for fundraising and how we can help you support the students in your local community.

Exciting Springtime Flower Options

We regularly research flower trends and how to best pair different flowers in order to create pairings that result in a successful fundraiser. Every Spring we offer beautiful, on-trend flowers to ensure our fundraising parents and teachers will not have issues selling products and collecting fundraising money. The thoughtfully curated springtime options for Spring flowers are always great products and are a hit with parents and customers during fundraising season. Our greenhouse is fully dedicated to providing products for school fundraising to support teachers and schools within our community and the communities of fundraising organizers. When working to organize a Spring fundraiser you will have a variety of flower products specifically curated for success. For a closer look at our growing space and the styles of fundraising products we offer, check out the photo gallery on our website, and reach out to us to learn about how you can begin planning your next school fundraiser.

Exciting Springtime Flower Options
JOCO Growers' Mission

JOCO Growers' Mission

When JOCO Growers began in Columbus, Ohio we decided to dedicate all of our efforts into school fundraisers by growing premium products that can help raise money for a local community and help provide support for students inside and outside of the classroom. It is our goal to provide not only fundraising ideas and the Spring flowers to contribute to a fundraiser event, but to give hope to the teachers, parents, and students through dedicating 100% of our growing space to fundraising. We grow every flower with the intent that it helps raise money for school fundraisers and provides a positive experience with your local community. By dedicating our entire business to school fundraising we are focused on our mission to provide great quality products that not only represent us, but also those who organize event fundraisers. Our focus goes beyond great products and extends to excellent customer service. We offer fundraiser ideas and tips to parents and schools, provide helpful tips on creating a successful fundraiser event, and believe customer service to be extremely important for this type of work. Because we have dedicated our entire business to growing for school fundraising we do not have a traditional retail storefront and we do not sell any of our flowers at big box stores. Our mission is to continue supporting you and your school’s community through these fundraising efforts!
Local Ohio Based Business

Local Ohio Based Business

JOCO Growers was founded by Zack Joseph who started his company as a way to provide a sustainable way to support students and their schools in his local community. Through countless successful event fundraising campaigns JOCO Growers has continued to grow and expanded their fundraising services to schools, teachers, and fundraisers across Ohio and the surrounding states.

With a passion for both horticulture and helping schools and students thrive, it became clear to Zack that fundraising using high-quality, exciting products that parents and teachers wanted was his drive to start JOCO Growers. Through assisting planning Spring and Fall fundraisers, the local Spring flowers offered great fundraiser ideas and tips for parents and teachers giving them a both fun and exciting way to raise money for their community and their local school. With hopes to one day pass his horticulture fundraising company to his children, JOCO Growers continues to support fundraising and school charity by providing premium, cared for flowers that come from the greenhouse, into the buyer’s home.

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Premium Spring Flowers

With your community in mind we want to provide the fundraising community for your local school with products that are excellent quality and will sell well. It is our goal that every fundraiser for a school has access to healthy plants that will last far past your fundraising event, whether someone purchases these flowers as a gift or for themselves. We don’t sell our products to big box chain stores, so all of our top quality flowers go from our greenhouse to your spring fundraisers. As professionals in the horticulture field, and plant enthusiasts ourselves we understand the importance of a healthy plant for anyone, but especially when trying to sell them to your community in order to raise money for your local school programming. Because we focus 100% of our efforts on growing stronger, healthier plants every single year we know that every plant is a sustainable purchase that can last a very, very long time. Choosing high quality products for your fundraisers is a greater way to get funds into after school programming. Flowers are an excellent product that many people seek out seasonally, especially during the spring, so having excellent quality flowers to sell to your local community increases sales at each fundraising event and helps provide for a better education during and after school.
Goal-Oriented & Supporting Schools

Goal-Oriented & Supporting Schools

As a part of our mission we work with a wide range of different community organizations both in our own local community, and we have expanded to work with organizations in the surrounding states. We provide fundraising ideas, high quality products, and do our best to make sure each fundraiser achieves its goal of meeting their goals for raising funds benefitting school programming. Our fundraising opportunities are available for middle school and high school bands, marching bands, choirs, clubs, sports teams, girl scouts, boy scouts, churches, businesses, non-profit organizations, and PTO/PTA. Working alongside JOCO Growers gives local fundraisers the opportunity to plan their spring fundraising event and sell healthy, high quality flowers to truly give back to the high school or middle school students. To learn more and better understand if your fundraiser qualifies for JOCO Growers’ fundraising process please reach out to us today and we can help provide tips and info on getting your spring fundraiser started.
Our Streamlined Process

Our Streamlined Process

School fundraising can be a lot of work and require a lot of time and effort from those organizing the extended event even when supported by students who get involved. In order to simplify the entire fundraising process we work with school fundraisers to provide excellent fundraising ideas, tips, support, and helpful guidance from the beginning of the fundraising process to the end. As a part of our goal-oriented business style we truly want to make school fundraising a simple and positive experience for parents, teachers, and anyone else involved in the fundraiser event. Because JOCO Growers has extensive experience working with Spring fundraising campaigns we truly have learned how to simplify the process as a way to give back to the schools and their local community. Each step of the fundraiser we can provide help including payment management, fundraising ideas, fundraiser event organizing, account management, and providing dependable deliveries for your spring flowers. A smooth fundraiser with few missteps is often a successful fundraiser, so providing our support along with our strategies in fundraising means you are more likely to raise money through your fundraiser and meet your community goals!

The JOCO Growers Guarantee

Organizing a fundraiser for your school to benefit school programming and after school activities for students is a big undertaking and often at the cost of the event organizer’s personal time. When you work with JOCO Growers to raise money we stand by our guarantee to provide a level of customer service that exceeds expectations set by previous vendors or fundraising partner companies. Through JOCO Growers you will have access to marketing materials for your products, as well as the option to sell your fundraising products online with no additional service cost to you. Because we understand the importance of community satisfaction with customers of your fundraiser we guarantee satisfaction with all of the Spring flowers grown in our local greenhouse. As a way to support fundraisers working to make their community a better place we work to make sure every customer is satisfied and has a great experience purchasing our products through any school event. In fact, if any customers have an issue with their purchases, JOCO Growers encourages fundraising organizers to forward those complaints straight to our team so we can find a solution that satisfies everyone! It is a part of our mission to make sure everyone involved in fundraisers, including teachers, parents, organizers, customers, and students feel like they had a positive experience.

What Makes Spring Flower Fundraisers Great?

Strong Demand

Handling fundraisers seems simple upfront, but deciding what products to sell can have a large impact on the overall sales and the funds you have raised once the spring fundraising event ends. JOCO Growers has seen many successful fundraisers run by parents, teachers, and students over the years and has witnessed how the demand of high quality flowers translates into a success for the event. Flowers have consistently been a popular fundraising idea for both Spring fundraisers and Fall fundraisers. Specifically curated flowers make for an excellent gift for any special event like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, and more. Flowers are also a great way to decorate one’s home at the beginning and end of Summer. Because of these reasons flowers are a great option that is regularly in high demand and can often turn a fundraiser into a great success.

Appealing Products

Moving products is crucial to the success of a Spring fundraising event, so products that are easily merchandisable make for a great fundraising idea. We love working with parents and students to provide beautiful and high quality flowers for their group fundraising because we know that flowers are such an appealing and effective product to sell that they are very likely to have a successful fundraiser campaign. Many people are generally very drawn to flowers and the barrier to purchase them is often quite low resulting in an “easy sell” of the product. They are easily marketed, and we curate our Spring flowers to be both healthy and on trend for the new year!

Great for Gift Giving

Flowers are unique in that they can be both very personal in their visual appeal, but also an excellent gift as they symbolize friendship, love, beauty, thankfulness, and many more heartwarming sentiments. Whether people are purchasing flowers for themselves, Mother’s day, birthdays, or just a gift for a loved one, flowers make an excellent gift.

Lower Overhead Product Cost

When putting together fundraising ideas one of the most impactful decisions is what products you plan to sell this spring in order to keep the initial cost low so you are able to not only meet your financial fundraiser goals, but exceed them! We have a variety of options of spring flowers to accommodate the financial limitations of each fundraiser, however for many options the overhead is relatively low when compared to other products. You will have the option to choose from different flowers to fit your fundraiser budget and can still have a successful fundraiser when selling lower price point flowers. Generally the lower the cost of the flower the more proceeds go to the school fundraiser and increase the funds you provide for the students and school programming!

Diverse Options

We pride ourselves on offering a great selection that not only has a variety of different spring flowers but options that can appeal to many different types of people. We stay on top of floral trends happening each season to ensure we’re growing a selection that is not only beautiful but stays ahead of floral trends so your fundraiser never feels dated or overdone. In some seasons we offer classic flowers that feel timeless, but continue to maintain the modern trends with specific floral combinations and colors. We offer potted plants, hanging baskets, and vegetables. With our market research we are able to offer exciting products for every Spring fundraiser and Fall fundraiser so your community will always have exciting options each year!

Multiple Opportunities Per Year

While flowers are an excellent idea for Spring fundraising, they make for a notable product for year-round sales. Because of this all-year appeal flowers can be a successful fundraiser product for multiple fundraisers in any given year. Because we grow locally in our own greenhouse we are able to provide flowers for both Spring and Fall fundraisers.

School Involvement

If you choose to organize your fundraiser in a way that involves students this can be a great opportunity for them to get involved and better understand how not only fundraising works, but it can be an opportunity for sales education, handling money, volunteer work, and community involvement. Including students can be an excellent learning opportunity and provide them with ahead start on life skills that can be invaluable as they later join the workforce.
What Makes Spring Flower Fundraisers Great?

Best Tips to Organize a Successful Spring Flower Sale

Working with Reliable Suppliers

There are many garden and flower supplies to choose from, but we believe that our mission to dedicate our entire greenhouse space to growing healthy flowers for fundraising opportunities sets us apart. We offer our products at a reasonable price with the goal of helping every fundraiser succeed in its financial goals. Suppliers that solely specialize in fundraising opportunities often have the best interest of the fundraisers in mind and will do everything they can do to make sure the fundraiser has the best chance of success. JOCO Growers is dedicated to being a reputable supplier and going above and beyond to create a positive impact on not just our community, but also yours.

Understanding Goals

Realistic goals are a great place to start when planning a fundraiser. Our team not only has the expertise to know what flowers sell best, but can help organizers and volunteers have a better understanding of the numbers of fundraising. We provide materials and information to help those organizing learn from our experiences to determine how much product you will need for the event and what the price-point of each product should be. If you’re new to fundraising we will be happy to provide resources and help you each step along the way.

Marketing Your Fundraiser

While a big portion of running a successful fundraising campaign is talking face-to-face with people we always encourage people to create or adopt a suitable marketing plan. There are many avenues you can take and in most cases we believe that hitting several marketing channels is a great way to promote your fundraiser. We always recommend people include emails, posters, flyers, and social media in their strategy to get the word out about raising money for the schools! You can highlight how the raised funds will be utilized to help the kids of your community and advertise your flowers as gifts for loved ones, especially around certain Spring holidays like Valentine’s day or Mother’s day.

Choosing the Right Flowers

Selecting the right type of flowers to sell is crucial. Consider the season, climate, and the preferences of your customers. Popular options for flower sales include hanging baskets in the Spring and potted mums in the Fall.

Recruiting Helpers

Fundraising can be a lot of work so we always encourage organizers to recruit volunteers from the community to help manage the campaign and the sale. This includes things like arranging flowers, handling transactions, setting up tables and making sure everything is ready for the event! Parents, students, teachers, and other community members can be great resources when trying to organize a fundraiser no matter the size!

Great Customer Service

Customer service across the entire customer experience is one of the best ways to ensure you sell your products and have excited customers. Work with volunteers to make sure they know how to handle different situations and don’t be afraid to reach out to our staff to help provide solutions for customers that have issues with their purchase.

Building Community

Following up with customers in simple ways, even an email, can make a big difference. It involves them throughout the fundraising process and helps build a stronger community.

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