Rosette Succulents


Rosette Succulents

“Rosette Succulents” is a program that combines greenhouse quality succulents with timeless clay pots.

This program is unique in that it is available all year round making it extremely flexible for groups that may have specific fundraising needs.

The community will love “Rosette Succulents” for not only being low-maintenance, but a healthy, beautiful addition to any home or workspace.

The succulent craze is here to stay. These air purifying plants sell like crazy to people of all ages (even the illusive millennial).

Get in on the action! Contact us today to inquire about running a “Rosette Succulents” sale.


Tip #1: Light

Place your succulents near a window that get direct or indirect sunlight all day.

Tip #2: Water

Use the “soak and dry” method. You should soak your succulent and then let it completely dry out. Once it has been bone dry for a couple days, soak it again.

Tip #3: Pruning

When the bottom leaves of your succulent shrivels and dries up, cut them off. This is a natural part of a succulent’s life.

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