BLOOM Spring Flower Fundraiser

“BLOOM Spring Flowers” is a program that combines the best hanging baskets and planters for a successful spring fundraiser. Our in-depth market research has pinpointed the season’s hottest combos so your spring fundraiser will always be on trend. This stunning display of JOCO Growers flowers will be an event that the people in your community will look forward to year after year!

Beat the “big box stores” to the punch this spring by offering premium flowers that come straight from our greenhouse. Your “BLOOM Spring Flowers” sale can take place during any two weeks between mid-February and mid-April, with delivery between late April and mid-May.

​Contact us today to inquire about running a “BLOOM Spring Flowers” sale.

High Quality

Tip #1: Light

Flowering plants (items #1-5, and #7-11) Full sun, 8 hours a day.

Boston Fern (item #6) Indirect sunlight either indoor or outdoor.

High Quality

Tip #2: Water / Food

Flowering plants (items#1-5, and #7-11) Water daily or multiple times a day during extreme heat. We suggest a few helpings of “plant food” throughout the spring and summer as well.

Boston Fern (item #6) Never let the soil completely dry out. Water until the soil is damp. Feed your fern with houseplant food once a month.

High Quality

Tip #3: Still Struggling?

If you follow our easy care tips, your plant should be thriving! However, not everyone has a green thumb. If the flowers are still struggling, it may help to split the plant into 2 separate pots to avoid root choking.