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Creative Ways to Display Flower Baskets

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Placing Your Hanging Basket Along A Fence

One beautiful way to add additional life to your yard and liven up your landscape is to add hanging baskets of flowers along your fence. There are a variety of creative ways you can hang flowers from a fence. Having flowers hanging on display in your backyard can bring plant life to areas of your outdoor space that would otherwise feel plain. Even though these flowers may be further from your home, the containers hang from a hook making relocating them indoors during storms or heat waves simple. Another option for adding flowers to your fence is plant boxes that connect directly to the fence. Flowering vines grow away from the fence and can hang down creating a beautiful display of colors.

Display Flowers Around Columns and Posts

Some flowers that are planted in hanging baskets vine and can be trained to wrap around columns or posts. By hanging a basket of flowers next to a patio column you can help the vines attach to the column and they will grow around it. Having flowers on display like this turns your plant into a beautiful piece of outdoor decor. Placing a hanging basket on a light post or another type of post in your yard can create the same effect. This is a creative way to display your flowers and improve the styling of your outdoor area, and it adds a new dimension to your landscaping and hardscapes.

Hanging Plants on Trees in Your Lawn

Another beautiful way to present your flower display is to hang them on tree limbs in and around your gardens. Hanging plants from tree limbs is a unique and beautiful way to add texture and dimension to your yard. Use rope or an S hook If you plan to leave your hanging baskets hanging from a tree limb for a long time it’s best to pad the tree to protect the bark from getting damaged. Flower arrangements add color and decor to your yard and garden. Hanging baskets are an easy way to add flowers to different unique areas of your property.

Ideas for Hanging A Plant Outside

Hanging baskets around the exterior of your home is a beautiful way to display your flowers while doubling as home decor. You can add a hanging basket outside of a door or window that is a focal point of the home. A hanging basket in the right area extends your garden vertically and creates more real estate for flowers. For styling a porch you can hang flowers from porch covers or overhead lattices. One of the best ways to display vining flowers is to hang them higher up or overhead and let the vines hang down and sway in the wind.

Where to Hang Baskets in Your Home

If you want to use your flowers as interior decor there are multiple options depending on the species of plant you have. Flowers that do well in indirect light can be hung by windows. There are unique baskets that are beautiful you can use, and along with the color of the flowers, it will make for a great piece of decor. hanging plants under a skylight will allow the flowers to get proper light for growth. You can also place hanging baskets near large windows. Vining flowers work great in these situations since they can be held higher and out of the way; in smaller living spaces hanging baskets don’t take up space that could otherwise be used for something else.

Caring for Hanging Plants

Hanging Baskets Require More Water

Planting flowers in hanging baskets sometimes requires different care instructions than other flowers planted in the ground or in planters. When flowers are planted in a hanging basket they typically require more frequent watering. This is especially true during the summer when it is warmer. Plants in hanging baskets usually have lighter soil mixes that don’t retain as much water and drain quickly. Hanging baskets often have multiple plants in them and could be competing for water. Flowers in hanging baskets are also exposed to more wind which can contribute to the soil drying out. If the surface of the soil in your plant basket is dry your plant probably could use watering.

Feeding Plants Growing in A Basket

If you plant flowers in a hanging basket it is important to make sure they’re getting enough nutrients. This is especially true if they are growing slower than expected, or if the flowers aren’t keeping up with the same rate of growth as other similar plants in your garden. Because flowers in hanging baskets require more frequent watering the soil can be more rapidly depleted of minerals and vitamins that the plant needs to grow properly. Using an appropriate fertilizer meant for flowers will help replenish the nutrients and keep the plant growing strong. Flowers in baskets don’t have access to the soil in the surrounding area like a plant in a garden would, so they solely rely on the nutrients that are inside the basket.

Hang Your Planters Out of The Wind

Because flowers in hanging baskets are higher up and don’t have objects blocking the wind they are likely to get more exposure to winds throughout the day. Some more delicate flowers will easily get beat up and worn from higher gusts or consistent breezes. If you experience high winds or frequent gusts that may damage the flowers it’s best to hang the flowers out of the wind. Hanging flowers in exposed areas of your property may also cause the soil to dry out faster. Dried-out soil paired with your plant getting beat up by the wind is a bad combination and can stress your plant out very quickly.

Don’t Expose Flowers to Too Much Sun

Different species of flowers require different levels of sunlight, but many popular perennial flowers do well in full sunlight and can be hung in spots that get hours of direct sunlight per day. Some flowers are more sensitive to direct sunlight and can get damaged from overexposure. The most common symptom of overexposure to sunlight is when plants turn a faded or bleached color. Depending on how much exposure the plant has received, moving it out of direct sunlight may save it from dying. If it is too late the plant will turn brown and may die. Overexposure to the sun will also cause the soil to stay warm for much longer throughout the day and cause moisture to evaporate much faster. By hanging the flowers in a place that provides some shade throughout the day you give your plants a better chance at surviving.

Removing Spent Flowers on Your Plant

Deadheading your flowers is the practice of removing dead flower heads. A flower bloom that has died or has become spent can be easily removed with scissors or even pinching them off with your fingers. Deadheading flowers help your plant by promoting new growth and will encourage the flower to grow new buds. Hanging plants will thrive if taken care of properly, which includes removing spent flowers that will slowly decay if left on the plant.

JOCO Growers Local Garden & Greenhouse

JOCO Growers is a unique greenhouse that has a mission to help local communities with our plants. We locally grow every single plant in our greenhouses, and every plant is sold through our fundraiser programs. Schools and other local organizations partner with JOCO Growers to sell our locally grown plants to raise money for their organizations. Our locally grown flowers are exclusively sold for fundraising and are never sold to big box plant stores or gardens centers. If your school is searching for new ideas to raise money, reach out to JOCO Growers to learn about how we can provide hanging baskets and other seasonal flowers for your fundraiser.

Making School Fundraising Simple

Because JOCO Growers has since the beginning focused our efforts on fundraising for local organizations we have developed the skills and understanding of how to create a successful fundraising campaign. We understand that when running a fundraiser there is some risk involved and how important it is to properly plan for success. We offer a product with low overhead costs and a good return. We curate our greenhouses specifically for fundraising and offer plants that are adaptable and don’t need intensive care. We can help organize your fundraiser and provide helpful tips to reduce your overall costs and time spent planning and maximize earnings for the organization and cause.

Why Hanging Baskets for Fundraisers?

Fundraisers can be difficult to run at times because often the products fundraisers have to choose from aren’t the most exciting items. Oftentimes consumables like chocolate are used as the products for school fundraisers, but consumables are quickly forgotten and aren’t something people can enjoy long-term. With the popularity of plants, people become excited to support their local organizations while also receiving a product they can cherish and enjoy for a long time.

Learn About JOCO Growers

With our high-quality plants grown in-house, we offer quality products to organizers that help ensure success for their fundraiser. We offer personalized services to assist with your campaigns, getting the word out, printable materials, and tips on how to build excitement across social media. We have streamlined our entire process and are excited to work with local non-profit organizations that are looking to sell flowers and plants. If you’re interested in organizing and hosting a fundraiser for your school contact JOCO Growers and we can devise a plan. If you’re looking to learn more about our services or how partnering with JOCO Growers helps your fundraiser please reach out to our main office today.