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Things Your School Can Raise Money For With Our Fundraising Program

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Ways Your School and Students Can Benefit from School Fundraising

When it comes to raising money for school programs, school events, and general school improvements there is no shortage of ways the community can benefit. School fundraisers create community engagement, help sell tickets for community events, and raise money to assist teachers all while providing opportunities for students. Whether you’re school fundraising for high school students or younger, engaging with the kids in a fundraising event is a great way to incorporate them into the process. From playground updates to bringing new technology into the classroom school fundraising has a positive effect on the student’s education. Even a fundraising event for a high school dance or simply raising money for general funds can make a big impact. There are so many ways your school and the students can benefit from a school fundraiser. Below are just a few ways raising money can improve the overall experience for kids, teachers, and parents.

Recreation & Playgrounds

Class Trips & School Events

Band & Choir Fees

Athletic Boosters

Classroom Technology

Building Improvements

Special Needs Programs

General Funds for Your School

Fundraiser Ideas: The Best Plan for School Fundraising

It can be difficult to come up with exciting and interesting fundraiser ideas every semester or even every year. When money-raising you want to optimize the process so you’re able to raise funds efficiently and not spend excess money in the process. It’s also important to drive engagement from the community and get people excited about school fundraising. We have seen how impactful selling plants and flowers can be, especially during certain seasons throughout the year. A school fundraiser selling mums in the fall gives people an opportunity to buy something they may buy annually while supporting the local high school. Selling certain flowers around holidays like Mother’s Day is also a great way to raise money since they’re probably already thinking of gifts to purchase. By incorporating these fundraising ideas into the normal rhythm of people’s lives it creates a smooth process and helps your school fundraiser successfully make money. With a higher demand than most items chosen for school fundraisers, flowers are an easier sell and have a very low initial cost. No matter what your role is in your community, flowers are one of the best fundraising ideas to raise money for your high school, elementary school, or middle school.

Fundraising Success: How to Raise Money for your School

Firstly, we believe that selling flowers is one of the best ways to raise funds for a school. It’s a great fundraising idea that we see yielding better results than junk foods, cookies, hosting a generic fundraising event, or pledge fundraising. It’s a much simpler process to raise funds when selling a product that people genuinely want to buy each year, oftentimes something they’re probably planning on picking up regardless. It can be difficult to sell tickets to a high school sponsored event, or even sell tickets to a raffle. Raising money starts with a great product that people are excited for. We exclusively work with organizations to raise funds and never sell our plants to big box stores or other organizations. We believe in our flowers being an excellent way to raise money for local schools. If you’re interested in hosting a school fundraiser and need fundraising ideas we highly recommend selling flowers. We have seen lots of small, local fundraising campaigns that were able to successfully raise money for their students.

Fundraising: Building Community Engagement

Hosting a school fundraiser is a great way to engage with the community. Middle and high school students can easily participate in the entire process bringing their families along to help raise money. Middle and high school teachers have the opportunity to teach their students, encourage them to sell tickets to a fundraising event, and teach them how to raise money to support their own extracurricular activities. We have seen school fundraisers build community engagement. A group of high school students getting together to raise money is a bonding experience, oftentimes bringing together parents, siblings, and other community members. Depending on how many grades your school has, we’ve even had high school and middle school students work together to sell tickets, raise funds, and encourage people to give to their school fundraising efforts.

Building Life Skills through School Fundraising

When school fundraising it’s important to be able to include kids of all ages. When selling flowers typically school fundraising organizers are able to include high school, middle school, and primary school students. While they are there to help raise money, there are important life skills they can learn as well. A school fundraiser is a great opportunity to help high school students learn about how to interact with customers. Students of all ages can participate in helping to come up with ways to promote the school fundraiser and help raise money. When you partner with JOCO Growers for your school fundraiser there is an opportunity to teach high school students about plants and how to take care of a plant; these skills can translate into home gardening, and more. Getting high school students involved in the school fundraiser also teaches them about volunteering, and community involvement. They can see how it benefits the community when people come together to raise money for something they believe in.

JOCO Growers Helps Organize School Fundraisers

JOCO Growers has worked with many different school fundraising organizers to help them create successful fundraising ideas and raise money to help high school and middle school students. We believe in helping school fundraisers be the best they can be and truly want each fundraiser to be a big success. Because we understand it can be difficult for parents and high school teachers to organize these school fundraisers, we provide materials for marketing and assistance in setting up the logistics. We can provide marketing and social media materials, help you with community engagement, help you reach out to local community centers and businesses all with the goal to promote the school fundraiser and raise money for the students.

Why Flowers are a Great Fundraising Idea

When we look at all of the successful school fundraisers, read great feedback, and have school fundraising organizers returning semester after semester it only solidifies that we believe selling flowers and pants to be the best fundraising idea. There are a handful of reasons why flowers help create very successful school fundraising campaigns. Flowers are very cost efficient making it easier to raise money with relatively low overhead costs. Flowers are a popular item, so selling them for a school fundraiser requires less effort and provides contributors with a product they love. Flowers are also an item people love purchasing through school fundraisers and oftentimes we see the same customers semester after semester buying more flowers. We know that selling flowers is an excellent way to raise funds for high school students and are proud supporters of local school fundraising efforts.

JOCO Growers: Dedicated to School Fundraising

JOCO Growers began with a simple love of horticulture and plant life, and has grown into an amazing opportunity for us to provide unique fundraising ideas and assist school fundraising organizers. We felt that many school fundraiser opportunities felt overdone, cheap, and never felt authentic, so we have dedicated our business fully to help community members raise money for schools.

The JOCO Fundraising Mission: How We Support School Fundraisers

We believe in our mission and our process to help local schools raise money for their students, extracurricular activities, school improvements, and more. We have truly simplified the school fundraising process. We are proud to be a business that is fully dedicated to working with fundraiser organizers and is creating systems to bring assistance to them throughout the entire fundraising process. Because we have a clear goal in mind and dedicate all of our efforts towards fundraising our process isn’t filled with confusing or unnecessary steps. We understand how fundraising for schools work, so we can be direct and work with you one-on-one providing fundraising ideas, marketing materials, outreach opportunities, and more.

Local Growers Supporting Local School Fundraising

Part of our mission is to always be dedicated fully to school fundraising. As local flower flowers we want to support local organizations, high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools to raise funds. All of our flowers are fully grown in our greenhouse space. As a testament to our mission to school fundraising we never sell to big box stores or source any of our flowers from outside growers. Every flower we send out for a school fundraiser is a JOCO grown flower. We provide higher quality, healthier, stronger plants than box box stores and keep everything local.

Our Fundraising Dedicated Growing Spaces

We pride ourselves on having created a complete growth space that only grows for fundraisers. We never sell to larger, big box stores, and we don’t have a storefront for customers to purchase plants we grow. Every plant is grown specifically to be utilized for a fundraiser, which gives our small team more time to provide excellent quality customer service to our fundraising customers. In our greenhouse we grow healthy, high quality plants that will remain strong through transport all of the way into their new homes. With flowers grown locally you are investing in a sustainable product that customers can keep for many years.

Learn More About Fundraising with JOCO Growers

We provide guaranteed top quality products, personalized service, and a well organized operation to all of our customers. When it comes to fundraising we know that organizers don’t have extra time to waste, so we have created a simplified, streamlined process to ensure everything is handled efficiently and correctly. It’s our mission to help teachers, students, and local communities thrive. To learn more about hosting a flower sale for your school please contact our office today. We’re excited to help you raise money for the next generation.