Flower Fundraising Ideas In Lexington KY

Flower Fundraising Ideas In Lexington KY


Want to raise money for your school or organization? Flower fundraisers are fun and effective solutions. Flower planters and hanging baskets are relatively easy to market and sell, as it doesn’t usually take much convincing to get people to order flowers. A flower fundraiser can also be a great opportunity to get students involved, providing a valuable learning experience throughout the fundraising process. Flowers are often in high demand, come in a variety of product options, and require low overhead costs.

High Demand

Flowers make popular gifts for birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions, as well as beautiful decorations for the home. People are already interested in buying flowering plants throughout the year, and tapping into this high demand can lead to a lucrative fundraiser for your organization

Range of Options

Flowers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and products, including hanging baskets and potted plants. This assortment offers appealing options to customers with varying preferences and tastes. Flowering plants are also available year-round, and holding a fundraiser in the spring and one in the fall is a great way to meet ongoing demand. Plus, unlike bulbs from a flower bulb fundraiser, our flower products are ready to enjoy as soon as they arrive.

Low Overhead Costs

Flower sales come with relatively low overhead costs, depending on the type of flower you choose. With lower costs, more of the proceeds from your fundraiser go directly to your school or organization.

Sell Beautiful, High-Quality Flowers

For a successful fundraiser, start by choosing high-quality products for your customers to order, like beautiful flower bouquets. At JOCO Growers, we research the season’s popular flower combinations so you can count on us to provide trendy and gorgeous options. When marketing your flowers, be sure to remind people that flowering plants are versatile, beautiful, and low maintenance, making them great gifts and decorations.


Flowers are extremely versatile, adding gorgeous pops of color to indoor and outdoor spaces. Unlike large flowerbeds, our fundraiser flowers don’t take up much space, making them great additions to front porches, balconies, gardens, and more.


Quality flower products add eye-catching detail that enhance the visual appearance of your space. They also offer a touch of floral fragrance to the area, creating a delightful experience for your senses.

Low Maintenance

Our flowerpots and hanging baskets are designed to be easy to maintain. Plus, the soil mix supports the root health of the plants, helping them look amazing longer.

Tips for Fundraising Success

Want even more fundraising ideas? In addition to choosing beautiful flower baskets and potted plants for people to order, consider the following tips.

Set realistic goals: The financial goal for your fundraiser should feel achievable. Look at how much money you need to raise and use that number to determine reasonable sales goals.

Get creative with your marketing: Think about different marketing channels – such as social media, posters, and emails – and choose the ones that will best help you reach your target customers. Be sure to mention how the fundraiser will help your organization as well as the benefits of buying beautiful flowers.

Ask for help: Recruit volunteers to assist with your fundraiser. People can help with tasks like setting up tables, arranging the flower products, and handling sales.

Fall Display


Choose an Experienced Supplier

The popularity of nursery plants has grown significantly over the last several years and the demand for plants continues to be high! People purchase a wide variety of plants for their home garden, but also throughout the entire year as indoor decoration. Plants make an excellent gift idea and are a simple yet thoughtful gift. Because the demand has been so high for house plants and many people enjoy growing their plant collections they tend to sell very well under special circumstances like a fundraiser. Choosing a product that is easily marketed is a great way to avoid a surplus of your fundraising inventory and potentially can yield more sales than more traditional fundraising ideas.
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Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Providing great service helps ensure your customers have a positive experience during your fundraiser, which could encourage them to become repeat customers. Be sure to train your volunteers so they can be knowledgeable and helpful during the fundraiser. After the sales and product deliveries, follow up with your customers to thank them for supporting your fundraiser and your organization. It’s a great way to build relationships with people in your community and to encourage participation in future sales.


Spring and Fall Fundraising Options

Seasonal flowers offer the perfect opportunity to fundraise throughout the year. Rather than selling a pink rose bouquet or other roses, we create colorful flower combinations that will delight your customers. When you choose JOCO Growers as the supplier for your fundraiser, you can sell hanging baskets and planters twice per year.

BLOOM Spring Flowers
Our spring program, “BLOOM Spring Flowers,” features the hottest flower combinations of the season based on our in-depth market research, so you can offer gorgeous and trendy plant products. Each flower item comes right from our greenhouse, not a big box store, so you can count on high-quality products. You can host your fundraiser between mid-February and mid-April, and flowers are delivered between late April and mid-May.
Harvest Mum Buddies
Our fall program, “Harvest Mum Buddies,” features premium mums from our greenhouse packaged in festive autumn-themed pots. It’s the perfect sale for the time of year when people are buying fall flowers – now they get to order from you! This fundraiser allows customers to embrace the vibrant colors of fall while supporting your school or organization. You can host your fundraiser between early August and late September. Flowers are delivered between mid-September and mid-October.
Our goal is to help make your fundraiser an event that people look forward to every year. Contact us to learn more about our seasonal fundraisers.

About Our Premium Flowers

“From greenhouse to your house” – that’s how we describe our process. The flowers we offer for fundraisers are grown in our greenhouse, so they’re bigger, healthier, and last longer than plants that come from big box stores. In fact, our growing space is 100% dedicated to growing flowers for fundraisers! We’re committed to growing fundraiser flowers that people in your community look forward to buying. Instead of roses, we offer eye-catching flower combinations. Each hanging basket and planter features vivid colors that brighten indoor and outdoor spaces, making them perfect for decorating the home or for gifting. Skip the low-quality fundraising items. This year, host a successful fundraiser with help from JOCO Growers.

Great for a Variety of Organizations

Looking for creative fundraising ideas? Flower fundraisers are fun and effective for a variety of organizations. School groups can use the funds raised from selling flowers to help offset the costs of trips and club fees. School and community sports teams can use money from their fundraiser to pay for uniforms, equipment, and travel expenses. Other community groups like hiking clubs, dance groups, gardening clubs, and more can hold a fundraiser to cover the costs of hosting activities. Religious organizations can hold a fundraiser to help pay for youth programs, trips, and building maintenance. Our fundraising options are also ideal for non-profit organizations, which can use the funds to support their causes.
Great for a Variety of Organizations

Why choose JOCO Growers for your fundraiser?

At JOCO Growers, we know how important it is that your fundraiser is successful. That’s why our company is 100% focused on growing premium plants to support your fundraiser. When you choose JOCO Growers, you benefit from high-quality items, a simple fundraising process, and a goal-oriented team that provides great service.
High Quality

High Quality

Our fundraiser flowers come straight from our greenhouse, so you and your customers enjoy bigger, fresher, and healthier plants than what you can get at a big box store. We ensure you have high-quality products that people are excited to order, helping your fundraiser grow year after year.
Simple Process

Simple Process

Fundraising doesn’t need to be complicated. At JOCO Growers, we provide guidance and support through every step of the fundraiser process, helping to reduce your stress and put the “fun” back in “fundraiser.” Through our extensive experience in horticulture and fundraising, we’ve simplified our process, so you get the best possible experience. We’ll help you organize your sales, provide promotional materials to attract customers, and much more.
Goal Oriented Team

Goal Oriented Team

Let’s make your fundraiser a profitable one! Our business is all about helping you succeed at fundraising, no matter the size of your organization or fundraising goal. Our goal-oriented team knows what it takes to achieve successful flower sales, and we want to put our knowledge to work helping your organization. Contact us today to learn more and see if we’re a good fit for your fundraiser.
Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

JOCO Growers strives to provide amazing customer service throughout the entire fundraiser process. We even offer a fundraiser kit with free marketing materials and online selling options to help you reach your sales goals.

Contact Us

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