Harvest Mum Buddies – Fall Mum Fundraiser

“Harvest Mum Buddies” is a program that combines our premium greenhouse quality mum with our exclusive, adorable autumn themed tin pot. People are buying mums and decorating for fall anyway, that is why this sale is always a fan favorite. Help your community embrace the magical colors of the fall season! The premium quality and huge success of this sale is what makes it a staple in communities far and wide.

Help your community skip the “big box store” this fall by offering a mum that comes straight from our greenhouse. Your “Harvest Mum Buddies” sale can take place during any two weeks between early August and late September, with a delivery between mid-September and mid-October.

​Contact us today to inquire about running a “Harvest Mum Buddies” sale. Hurry! This is one mum fundraiser program that fills up fast.

High Quality

Tip #1: Light

Mums need to be placed in full sun, 8 hours a day, in order to bloom and thrive.

High Quality

Tip #2: Water

It is hard to over water a mum. Water liberally once a day, sometimes more during extreme heat.

High Quality

Tip #3: Planting your mums

If you plan on planting your mums in the ground, we suggest doing so the same day you receive them. Also, plant them closer to the house for extra warmth to protect from frosty nights.